How to determine the length of your tenure at a job?


Finding the right job matching your skills and your nature is really a tough task. It is also a deciding factor in changing your present job to the next job. Many people carry on with their present job even if they have issues in job and not satisfied with the job profile also. But it is also not advisable in terms of continuing in same for wrong reasons in point of view of career advancement. Below factors decide the long tenure of your job.

Your connectivity with your present job: If your job is not that much creative and enthusiastic as compare to when you have joined. Your connectivity with your job profile determines the tenure of your job.

Your long term career goals: Is your job in sync with your long term career goals in terms of designation, job responsibilities and amount of salary. If yes, you have chosen the right job matching with your long term goals.

Is it wrong to stay long term in same company? No, it is not wrong to stay for long time in a same company. When you are comfortable and fulfilling your career goals there is no need to change your job.

How it reflects in your CV: When you have added in your CV that you have been working since many years with a same company, it clearly indicates your stability factor, which creates an impression on employers that you will work as same in their company. When you work more than 10 years in a same company will also raise some questions in recruiters that you will stick more to comfort zones than adapting new environment.

So, you should evaluate your skills and analyze the reasons for staying long time in a same job. If your current job profile adding nothing to your job profile since many years, then it is the time to update your profile.

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