How to deal with negativity at workplace?

NegativityWhen you are suffering from negative feeling and pessimism towards your work and work place it not only spoils your career and it ultimately hampers your co employees also. Recent research at workplace matters reveals that most of the people at workplace criticize for all matters without any reasons. These kinds of people always find reasons to criticize and feel comfort in these matters. Their commitment to the company is very low and they spared rumors about the company in low phases. This is happens with the people who have entered newly in to the organization or who have rendered their services for many years in same organization and don’t have anything to get further. Negativity starts from applying jobs on job search sites and continues till joining in the organization.

The major reasons for this kind of attitude are that mismatching of expectations, communication gaps, insufficient information, improper communication channels and other personal reasons. Generally employees have some strong opinions like career growth, pay benefits, salary ranges, job profile, promotions, work life balance and rewards and recognition etc. But these people are ignored and these are finding in many organizations without giving much importance to them.

To eliminate negativity at work place first need to identify the people who have this kind of attitude and what are the elements that could be the possible reason for this. If it is a systemic issue and can be corrected, a genuine attempt in addressing it will send out a positive signal to all the employees especially the dissenters. Employers should discuss with these kinds of people and explore the exact causes for this nature. Employees should have a strong resume for job application. The employees must have unrealistic expectations from the organization and not able to jell with the goals of the company. Entry level employees can be handled but senior level people at organization are difficult to handle and gradual counseling will help them to come out from this situation.


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