How to deal with irritating co-workers?

How to deal with irritating co-workers

Workplace is a combination of many people and some of them are friendly and some of them are inspirational and some of them are capable of annoying us. Sociable, pleasant and friendly co-workers can make our days at work interesting and fun, but the annoying and irritating ones can make us want to take the high road. We can find out an annoying colleague in a simple way that is talkative, over-friendly, rude and plain stupid. It is really difficult to deal with them and maintain cordial relationships at workplace with them. Below tips are most useful for the people who are suffering from this kind of colleagues at office.

Introspect: First of all you should know that what reason you don’t like in such person and also think that whether without any reason you are thinking like that. If someone is too boastful in your presence, then maybe you have made them feel a little insecure about themselves. If the person irritates you only in somehow then try to understand yourself in a better manner.

Try to reject the attention: If someone rejects the attention at workplace then try to reject that attention and make him to know that you would like to concentrate on your work and you need some space to deal with that. You can say everything in a polite way and let them understand that you are not interested to meet them.
If you feel that the person is too loud then think in a way that the entire life of the person is like that only. If somebody is daily late they are challenged at home. Chances are that there are a few things about you as well that people hate. If you let them be and accept them for what they are, they’d do the same to you.

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