How to deal with employee diversity?

How to deal with employee diversity?

Human resource officers from organizations find it difficult to discover the innovative ways to tune with the needs of diversified employees. Below ways may helpful to get sensitize with the needs of employees diversity.

Proper communication: Follow a strategy that diversity as your main mantra and widespread in all areas. Mindtree Company has focused on major areas like ethnicity or nationality, people with disabilities, gender, and sexual orientation. This company is using HR assessment tools for the transparency in compensation, increment, promotions and appraisals. Even the regular employee mails are also done through the sustainability and diversity.

Sensitization for all levels: Deal with all levels of people for sensitizing and it’s better to start with induction to senior management level. Some companies also introduced animation courses to design to sensitize the employees on gender-related issues.

Real time scenario based examples: Story telling is the new strategy to sensitize the employees. Our workplace Diversity & Inclusion training e-module contains case studies and examples that are based on real employee experiences and insights,” says Wipro’s vice president of human resources. Wipro invites the leaders to share their experiences from inside and outside organization based on their personal experiences.

Skill development programs: Manage people through skill development and leadership training programs. SAP Labs India conducts a programme that mandates leaders to go through comprehensive training on ‘Men and Women Leading Together’.

Creation of right environment: Training programs will create right environment when these programs conducted on the basis of voluntary. If employees participate in the programme and are involved in its progress, one is assured of not just its success, but of its sustenance.

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