How to deal with an unexpected Interview?

unexpected InterviewWhen you are in job search you may encounter to face unexpected interviews sometimes. Here you need to avoid confusion and get prepared for the general questions interviewers asked in most of the interviews and answer them with confidence. If you get a call from an interviewer with an interesting job opportunity matching your skills and they have asked for a quick interview. Here we have presented the basic things which you need to prepare for unexpected interviews with expected questions in interviews.

Details about you: Every interview contains a question about the details of a candidate. Here you need to tell the basic details about you like your educational background and other professional details. For this you have to prepare a small write up which contains your personal and professional background.

● Why should we hire you: Think in a prospective way and express it that how you will add value to the organization. Prepare a small write up about that how your skills and past experience will add value to the organization. You should speak minimum 30 seconds on that exactly what recruiter looking for.

● Your achievements: If you highlight your previous experiences in your job, it will help recruiters to match with their present job requirement. Prepare a list of major 5 achievements which showcase you in a different perspective. Project your accomplishments which will ensure recruiters that you will handle different situations.

● General interview questions: Each and every interview consists some common interview questions like tell about yourself? Why do you want to leave your job? And what are your strengths and weaknesses? Get ready with the answers for above questions.

● Do research: Even if you have less time also do research in available time and find out some details about the company. If you prepare in this manner for an unexpected job interview, there will be more chances to win.



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