How to deal when you have an absentee boss?

How to deal when you have an absentee boss

When you are working with a boss who is absentee then it require more planning and communicating more with team members to deliver the outcome on right time. Below tips may helpful to deal with an absentee boss.

Be initiative: If you are a team member of an absentee boss then take an initiative to start the work and believe in yourself. Take the responsibility of supervision from your end to do best to complete the pending tasks which were left by your boss.

Communicate more: Communicate more with your boss and take an update of pending projects, status, key points to make analysis that how productive you are. Make clear note of the information you have received and execution of the work. Make ensure that how often you communicated with your boss to know that what information you need and what you need get information from your boss.

Take guidance: This tip is applicable to the Gen Y workforce who is ready to take charge. There is a chance that you may not fulfill the tasks as successfully as an experienced person done. If you carry your work then make sure that your opinions and suggestions workout or creates new mistakes.

Be organized: If you have clear and focused contacts with your boss then dealing with the absentee boss is not an issue. Make ensure with your boss that you may work with understanding so you don’t have to return with follow-up questions.

Make your own boundaries: Maintain the same discipline in absence of your boss also. Set your own targets and reach them as part of your achievements.

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