How to customize your job search process?

job search process

Just imagine yourself as a recruiter. Your job profile includes screening profiles from the list of resumes which include desired skills, experience and personality traits. Also connect the job profile you have with the matching profiles. Now, you have to shortlist a profile from the list of candidate’s skills and abilities, demonstrating a perfect solution to your need. Collect the contact details of a right candidate to close the sourcing process. This is the duty of a recruiter.

Now you are a job seeker. Connect your skills with employer’s requirements to see you as the perfect match for the job. Before that, customize your candidate selection process to convince the recruiters that you are unique among the other applicants. Below steps may helpful in customizing your approach towards job search:

Do home work: Do home work as part of customizing process. Demonstrate yourself that you are the right fit for all levels of the requirement. Employers look for the candidates with below skills:

► Hard skills and experience match
► Personality and soft skills compatibility
► Cultural and environmental fit
► Ability to solve their problems

In addition to reading the job description, go through the company web site, including news releases, mission and vision statements, earnings releases and the chief executive’s message in the annual report. To understand the company culture do Google search to know more information about the organization and its executives, and also check social networking sites like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn and blogs

Your resume and cover letter: Create a cover letter and resume demonstrating your candidature for the job. Include some references in cover letter stating company’s need and then following with a one- or two-sentence summary of your qualifications for meeting. Also adjust the objective your resume to match the company requirements and objectives.

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