How to create the talent pool with training?


India Inc is suffering from finding talented manpower with required skills for ecah position. So they are looking for the alternatives to train the employees rather than finding the talented workforce. Companies are struggling to find and retain talented employees. First day first our deliver is not possible as it takes time to train the employees and use them per the required needs. Finding the ready to use talent is not possible especially for some positions. So it is important to provide training to entry level people and reinvent themselves to relate to the present market. But the complex needs of present market it is becoming bit harder for younger professionals to keep pace with the present market. Every year number of graduates is coming tout from college sand only few of the young professionals with right potential are useful to the market with right skills. O overcome the situation hiring managers have been made some changes in their strategies like instead of hiring form outside they are giving training to their in-house employees and growing talent from within. The major advantages included in this process are as follows:

Long term career tenure: When companies are planning to hire employees they are taking career to hire employees with long term and not for just short term. Organization can identify the right people who have potential to learn and contribute to the organization within their limits. They will continue with long term by building sustainable relationships.

Right learning: A right employee with relevant skills will learn from any way in the area where he gets engages. Learning is an important key element for any employee as helps to enhance their career growth in future. A carefully-structured training program, can transform a relatively inexperienced candidate in to a dependable performer within a stipulated time purely based on the relevance of the delivery.

Trained workforce with required skills: Companies develop work force with good technical skills and personal traits to align with the organization needs. Right opportunity with work life balance and gender diversity will definitely promote lasting employer-employee relationship.

Expertise employees: The major advantage of this training is that it helps to solve the issues in real life issues and challenges in a customized way with great impact on personal life. Training programs should design in a way that they include segments in communication techniques, time management skills and even business etiquettes.

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