How to beat Monday Blues? Read This

Monday blues are common for many of us and it starts from Sunday evening itself. Recent studies says some facts that, most of the heart attacks will occur on Monday mornings only. But Monday is not that much scared if we follow some tips and tricks which can turn our Monday in to an exciting and active day. Monday cannot be stressful or panic if you look from different perspective and with a positive attitude. Below tips may useful to beat the Monday blues and start a happy week as happy weekend.

Have a good sleep of min 7- 8 hours on Sunday night

Wake up 1 hour early before work time and plan you work day accordingly

Start your day with positive attitude and get ready for work

Have your breakfast with healthy diet and habituate reading newspaper

Read very leisurely and it will automatically transform your mind in to the work mode

Organize your work schedule for the week at your work place cabin that will make you active throughout the week

Be organized with your laptop and emails

Be friendly with your colleagues and friends

Feel proud that you are the one among the crowd to get this opportunity to work for a company like you, it will boost your confidence levels

At the same time work hard and achieve the goals which will help you in gaining satisfaction towards your career

And also remember that Monday is not a big scary word but it is beginning of week and at the same time countdown for weekend also.

A full week with full work will ultimately give you the relaxation at the weekend.



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