How to be social on web?

How to be social on web?

Internet has changed the way we communicate. It is a good platform to connect through mobile phones and other devices. Couple of years back telephones and emails have been played key role as major part of communication system. But new age communication tools have been transformed in to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp and others. Some of the important rules for communicating through social media are as below:

Say something on social media: Social media is a communication platform to connect with others. Here you can create virtual identity for your organization through social media. It is not works that your first impression is last impression. This is an era of social media and every small mistake will be highlighted and impact your corporate image.

Building relationships: Social media useful as more than a marketing tool. Many marketing tools don’t provide direct feedback from customers and social media does this. Social media is most useful building relationships and not only for conversations.

Contribute more: Social media encourages people to contribute more and interact more with people. Whether it is positive or negative it allows people to contribute more to express themselves.

Community building: Social media helps organization to build communities and develop communication process. By targeting group leaders, an organization can really enhance the reach of their message since a message from group leaders have high trust quotient. Many companies are using social media to build relationships, brand building and community development.

Proper communication: Social media is free from all barriers and it is an informal form of communication channel. There are some barriers in communication process of organization hierarchy and it is free from all barriers. This is most integral part of communication oath for any organization communication channels. It is also most inexpensive form of communication channel which you should not missed out.

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