How to be a Successful Techie?

Successful Techie

According to a recent survey IT / IteS sectors and Business Process Management (BPM) firms will be largest employment providers in the country and expected to employ 35 lakh people for an estimated time period. Software products and services revenues for 2015-16 are projected to grow at 12-14 percent.

IT career: Every business is centric with technology and business project management skills. An upcoming sector like e-commerce is expected to grow at 50 percent in the next five years. The online retail industry generates terabytes of data every day and build data science capabilities that help them sell better. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are creating e-commerce jobs who want to build their career.

Critical thinking: It is important to upgrade your skills always. There are plenty of online resources available today to update your technical skills. Coding is a skill to write and read. It teaches you computational thinking to connect with the world with the combination of mathematics, logic and algorithms.

External thinking analysis: Aware of contemporary issues happening around the world. Leverage social media to know the latest trends and networking with your peers.

Networking: Get connected to more people to get more information and new ideas. Create unique products and services with the existing team members and develop the outcomes with more networking.

Creative thinking: Apple is the result of creative designing. Designers should observe the trends in the technology world and changes in the tastes and preferences and behavior

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