How to be a good follower in your team?

How to be a good follower in your team

It is important to be a good team follower for the development of a person’s career and professional development. We have explored some skills to be a good follower at work place with good skills required to perform.

Good communication skills: Frequent communication with managers will help you to be good at work place. Leaders are the persons who can move on their self and they are the self starters and self motivators. They always communicate what they are doing, and any challenges they may be experiencing. Many of the leaders will have different means of communication which indicates different communication strategies.

More commitment: A good team member or follower always shows 100 percent trust worthy at work with more commitment and less supervision. They are able to complete their work in 100 percent without looking for excuses and reasons for not completing the tasks. If you aren’t going to complete it, or if you find out along the way you may not, let him/her know in plenty of time to offer help or find someone who can says an expert of organizational behavior.

More trustworthy: Good followers will have trust on their team members and leaders to lead the team with good efforts. Great leaders can be undermined by followers who criticize decisions. Good followers need to be trustworthy and transparent in actions says an expert. A good follower should take initiatives to work more effectively and efficiently and trust their superiors and supervisors for better coordination. It will help to build transparent actions and works.

More motivation: The main mantra behind the good follower is to have good motivation. This aspect will help them in achieving the career goals and overcome the difficulties in the process of achieving tough tasks.

Critical thinking: A good follower should support their team and helps the team when the team goes in wrong direction.

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