How to attract the top talent?

How to attract the top talent

It is very important to attract the customers of a company as well as the top talent of the company in a unique way. It is very important to attract the human capital in this competitive world and attract the top talent with below steps:

Consider your vacancies as a product and make it visible and more attractive and market to the right audience. Each every company advertises their vacant positions on different types of channels like ob boards, social media, the company intranet, forums and their dedicated career site. It is important to create awareness among top candidates. Sourcing the right candidate micro marketing plays key role. It is important to customize your communication based on the candidate you are targeting. Finding the right source to find the active and passive job seekers effectively is the key element in focusing on target audience.

Different types of recruitment portals are getting engaged with recruitment portals and it contain loads of information about benefits, career advancement, training, job satisfaction and others. It is known that searching for one quality employee require 500 applications. Big companies need to go through the 50000 applications to hire 100 candidates. Hiring the candidates from previously qualified candidates, employee referrals will help you to build top talent. It is also important to strengthen your database by encouraging people to apply for the vacant positions they have. Sourcing employees efficiently depends on the way how you will identify the requirement and able to conduct interviews on the same day. Automating your recruitment process will reduce time and cost up to 85%. When you work manually nearly 80% of the days wasted only 20% of the time being productive in sourcing the right candidate. When you are searching for right candidates then follow different sources like corporate career site, employee network and their own pool of previously qualified applicants.

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