How to apply for US visa?

How to apply for US visa

If you are planning to go USA and work as a non-immigrant the n you need a specific visa as per the work you are planning to undertake. Unless and until the exclusive cases all non immigrant visa processing will be having same procedure. Below information may useful if you are applying for US visa.

What are the Visa types?
If you are skilled professional with specific occupation and travelling to USA on professional assignments then your require H1-B and H-4 visas. H-3 visa is for the people who are going to USA to take some training from their employer, other than graduate education or training, for a period of up to two years.L-1 and L-2 visas required for the candidates who are looking for intra company transfers. L-2 visa holders require employee authorization from the Department of Homeland Security.

How to apply?
Once you have fixed with your visa type then start application procedure. Application process starts with filling up the form of nonimmigrant visa electronic application (DS-160). Once you pay the Visa pay you will get the visa schedule which includes visa application centre (VAC) and one for the visa interview at the embassy or consulate. Be ready with information like your passport number, date you paid your fee, ten digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page.

What documents needed for visa interview?
Certificates to prove your job qualifications, including any university diplomas.
Original job offer and other documents from current and previous employers detailing your position and projects you worked on.

If you are currently working and holding H-1B status, then you should submit below documents:
Pay slips from current employer
Bank statements covering the preceding twelve months of employment in the United States
The names and current phone numbers of the personnel managers at your present and previous places of employment
Federal tax forms 1040 and W-2 for all the years which you have been employed in the United States are other crucial documents
Your latest CV with detailed description of your qualifications as well as goals and career vision.

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