How to answer the question How are you today?in an interview

answer the questionWhen you went for an interview, the first question should be always’ How are you today? Use this opportunity and dont say like fine or good or thank you only. Remember that the answer for the questions should be very effective and related to your career and impress the recruiters. Below mentioned interview question will be asked to breaking the ice or to start the interview procedure in a smooth way.

When somebody ask the question that how is you today? Then your answer should be:


The below common answers will be shared by job seekers for the above question:

  1. Fine: If we think in a general way nobody will be fine. So, it is considered as a lie.
  2. Great: Generally great meaning good enough. But here it is not great any more. Interviewers always expect more, so need to be amazing like scary, good like that.
  3. Awesome: It mean being positive and energetic. It is little unexpected and but fairly common.
  4. Ready to rock: It looks confident and it fits for you and for the company which youve applied.
  5. Perfect: This is the right answer for this question and it conveys the meaning that you are perfect and the answer is always memorable also.
  6. Everything is beautiful: This answer sounds very smooth and confidence in these words.
  7. Make your own answer: If you are not interested to say among this group of answers, then create your own answers and idioms. Try a new one each day. Have some fun with it.

So pre-decide your answer and tell it in an effective way. If you get a call then the impress the recruiters with your answer then you will be standout in the line.

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