How to answer for ÔÇ£Why do you want to Leave your JobÔÇØ?

You have applied for the job and got an interview call. You gave answered all the questions with confident but stocked up at a question ÔÇ£why do you left your last job?. Your resume speaks a lot about your academic qualifications and your professional experiences you have and achievements and other details. But the interviewer tests your communication and your confidence levels at an interview. The next common question asked in any interview is why do you left your last job? Now, weÔÇØll discuss about this question and on which grounds the interviewer expects to answer this question. Below tips may helpful in answering this question:

What exactly recruiters want to hear from you?

Your interviewer will be keen to hear from you the reasons you carry from your previous job. He may expect the other reasons like official conflicts, stress and any other reasons to make you change your job. The reason which you are going to tell will explore you as what kind of employee you are. Here you can also explain if you have any work gaps and hops if any.

Even the interviewer also expect to know that what will be your career goals and how this job change will gift with your long term career goals. They will also check how you will add value to their organization and long term question with their organization.

How to face this question?

Answer with a positive tone and explain the reasons why you are going to change your job. If you have any bitter experiences with your previous job, then explain them with a confident voice in a positive way. Be brief and concise and up to the point. The suggestive answers will be:

ÔÇó Searching for new opportunities and challenges

ÔÇó A wish to work for a multinational company or larger and established company

ÔÇó Shifting in domain

How not to answer?

Never criticize or badmouth about your previous employer. Never highlight salary matters, conflicts and other issues at work place. The reasons for changing your job should present in a positive tone. The answers should reflect as you work for organisation growth and add value to your profile.

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