How to answer for the question that what is your weakness?

How to answer for the question that what is your weakness

Interview is a place where you have to project your talent and skills to the employers. Questions like tell about your weaknesses wild definitely a chance to explore your weaknesses and present them to the recruiters without creating any bad impression or losing any positive signs. It is also an important point that nobody will hire a person with more weaknesses and be careful while projecting your weaknesses. Check in a way that whether your weaknesses will create any impact on your job. For example if you are applying for a call center job and you have night shifts for that job and you said that you sleep more and not able to wake up. Then it would be definitely a weakness for you. Interviewer also asks some questions which will check your smartness to handle unexpected situations at work place. If you say that you do not have any weaknesses will impact your ignorance and attitude. You can mention some areas of improvement rather than using weaknesses. Below tips helpful to handle the question about weakness:

List out the weaknesses: List out the weaknesses you have and areas of development in a list.

Think thoroughly: You can include some common weaknesses like occasionally impatient, poor time management skills unable to meet deadlines and people management skills.

Priority basis: Identify the areas where one person need to get improved and improving in a great way.

Relevant basis: Never mention the things like I cannot or I do not and it will convey the message to the interviewer that you are avoiding that question and answer.

Chose selectively: Identify the 2 areas where you need to improve yourself and which cannot show impact on your job. You can also explain in a way that how you have learnt from them, improved and grown in your contribution towards the job. This kind of answers will highlight your maturity to accept your learning, evolving and handling them successfully. Interviewers will hire you for your strengths and not for your weaknesses. So be confident while you are answering the questions in an interview.

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