How to Achieve Workplace Success

Succsess at Worlplace

Workplace is a heterogeneous mixture of people with different qualifications, aspirations, and hierarchy working under the same roof towards a common goal of the organization. We spend at least half of our time at workplace (a minimum of 8hrs). All of us want to survive and succeed at the workplace immaterial to the job position we take-up. Workplace ethics include a number of things like dress code to be followed at the workplace, Interpersonal skills and communication, team dynamics, management, office politics and grapevine especially in India  and personal issues that could affect you and your work are to be addressed without any delay.

If all the workplace parameters are maintained at equilibrium, output of all the employees would be high and in turn help in the growth of organization as well as the employees. The employees would learn new things from each other and achieve success in their career climbing up the corporate ladder.

Therefore, if you want to fulfill your job requirements and achieve success at the work place you need to follow the following principles:

Develop good communication and Interpersonal skills: An organization is nothing but a network of people and huge information flowing from in and out of the organization. If you are good at communication skills, you can help yourself as well as the entire organization. Your ability to receive, evaluate, use, and pass on the information gathered from inside and outside the company affects your company’s effectiveness. Managers rely on such information from their employees to take suitable and necessary actions. Communication even boosts up the employee moral. Keeping the employees informed of what is going on in the company, involving them in decision making result in employees more willing to support management’s efforts.

Be friendly and open to learning: Know well about the bunch of people who come in touch with you in your day-to-day activities. It creates a sort of ease at work with mutual understanding, increases your productivity, and indirectly contributes to your success. Accept any good to great ideas of your peers irrespective of the hierarchical position (high or low) and try to pick up new skills, this would improve your productivity many times and contribute to your success at the workplace.

Set your goals: Keep the clear picture of your goals to be achieved by the end of your project and make suitable action plans. You should be strongly confined to your goals, review them regularly, correct the deviations, and evaluate your progress and be accountable. A clear path to achieve your goals makes your efforts towards your goals very easy. Always remember that your goals should be congruent to that of organization and not of any personal interests.

Set your own standards: Define few standards and principles based on you abilities, capabilities, experience, and knowledge. Do not try to blindly follow complicated social and cultural norms. Let your values and defined principles guide you and help you to operate your business and life accordingly.

Be More Productive at What You Do: You have to explore the efficient ways to do your day-to-day activities by yourself. Employ reusable tools, computer applications, and Create reusable templates for the work to be done repeatedly. Employ tools and computer applications to automate your tasks as much as possible. Streamlining the processes would save lot of time and money.

 Prioritize the things to be done:  In an organization, you will be having a number of communication channels and numerous things to be done. These deviate and distract you from the main and important things to be done. You have to set a focus upon the things, which are more important. Make a priority checklist and keep doing work in order of priority. Be proactive and do first thing first. Focusing and intentionally working on priorities will minimize your distractions and accelerate your work process making you successful in your workplace.

Learn to Delegate: However much efficient and knowledgeable a person may be he cannot do all the things alone because the time in hand will not permit him to do so. If a person tries to do all the things, he is messed up and he would be left unproductive due to confusion and lack of time. You have to accept that no body will achieve success alone without being helped by others. Therefore, you have to share your burden by delegating the work to the other people who could do it efficiently. This would create a success strategy on both the sides.

Maintain good team dynamics: Do not show “I” attitude in a team. Exit all your ego’s and gel with the members of the team. The successful working of the team depends on its ability to satisfy the expectations and support the self-concepts of its members.

 Be energetic: Keep your body fit and energetic all the time to stay highly productive and focused. Sleep well at the night, for a minimum of 7 hours. Take balanced and timely diet with vitamins and mineral supplements. Exercise regularly to charge yourself and exercise effectively reduces stress.

Be organized: Getting organized makes your work more easily and save lot of time in searching things. Do not keep your desk cluttered. Organize you reference material, letters, emails, text messages, bills, voice messages in a file according to time sensitivity. This would give you quick and ready access to any material you needed. This improves your productivity and leads you to success at workplace.

Maintain work-life balance: Work-life balance is the main concern of today. Therefore, work-life balance is to be maintained in a right way so that it has a positive impact on the workplace.

 Be courteous: Always be courteous in your communications with others. Courtesy lets people know that you care. The words “Thank You” show that you appreciate a person’s efforts. Try saying, “would you please…” instead of just, “Please…” You will sound less dogmatic. Be consistent and clear in your workplace communications. Consistency builds trust. Asking, “Did I explain this clearly?” will assure that people understood what you said. Compromise decreases the tension associated with conflict. Ask, “What is best for the company?” so that co-workers will not take the conflict personally.

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you would definitely achieve success without any resistance.

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