How to accept a feedback with a smile?

Most of us may confident that they are well worth with great skills in technical and functional areas. They evaluate themselves on the basis of deadlines they met, projects they completed and achievements they have done. But the main objective is that how will they receive feedback at negative terms. Feedback is most important and it should be accepted by the receiver in a positive way. Many people may accept the positive feedback but they will get hesitated to accept the negative feedback. Below tips may helpful for accepting a feedback in a positive way.

Its a ladder for your career growth: Feedback is an important fact for going ahead in your career and enhances your performance. It may helpful to you to learn new techniques and methods.

Receiving the feedback: The most important thing in receiving the feedback is taking it as positive or negative. The approach you will make you to get exciting opportunities at work. It also helps in establishing trust among your seniors and it may help to add value to your organization. Receiving feedback may help you to grow professionally within your boundaries.

Get clarified: Be careful and listen to your manager that what he is saying about you. Some of the feedbacks may positive, some of them are negative and some of them are unknown. If your feedback requires taking some proactive steps from your side, discuss with them to develop and implement them.

Do follow-up with action: Once you are clear about the expectations of your manager and outline the areas where you need to work more and bringing in to action. Check you progress regularly and take steps accordingly. But never take it personally and think that feedback is part of work.


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