How the wellness of employees matter?

How the wellness of employees matter

Health is wealth is old saying but implicable to all eras. Health is not only important at personal life but also most important thing at professional life also. If the health of an employee is good then only he can deliver the best outcome at work place. A recent study reveal that nearly 50 percent of death cases were occurred through bad food habits and life style and there is an estimation that the number also increased to 67 percent by the year 2030. Corporate work environed and new age life styles also decreased the average life time of a person despite of much medical advancement. Cardio vascular and lever related diseases are increasing day by day. Irregular food habits due to the shifts and office timings there are more chances of illness.
Work life balance is most important activity and there is a need to recognize the importance of healthy habits and effects due to changing workplace stress and the changing lifestyle of employees. A healthy work environment with more healthy employees not only benefits the candidates and also improves the productivity and profits vice versa. Employers are also looking at introducing wellness initiatives in collaboration with CSR programs to enhance their corporate image and also to be seen as an employer of choice. Because of this employers are allocating funds for employee health initiatives. Below reasons are observed for the investment of employee wellness:

Cost control: Employee wellness programs reduce the direct and indirect costs like employee health costs and absenteeism at work.

Less absenteeism and increase presenteesim: It is also estimated fact that every year many organizations are losing 2 percent of profit range due to disability, absenteeism and attendance, and poor quality of work incurred with ill health.

More productivity: Healthy employees deliver more output than unhealthy and stressed employees. A happy, healthy and engaged workforce will have a direct positive effect on productivity through improved overall presenteeism and employee retention at the workplace.

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