How social networking sites will help you in job search?

As we know social networking sites creates lot of fun and enrichment to their users. Besides the fun, it also helps it users in connecting with them to find a new job. Social networking plays an important role in job searching. Recruiters are using social networking sites as a tool of their recruitment. These days corporate world is recruiting by using social media groups to locate and recruit the suitable candidates for employment in their organization. The recruiters visit the social networking sites to search the candidates profiles with suitable skill sets. The recruiters also feel good if they found the suitable candidates via social media groups. Social networking sites are boon to the job seekers in their job searching process.

Create an online profile:

Creating an online profile by projecting the skills and experiences of the candidate is the first step of job search process through the social networking groups. The online profile also helps to connect with the same profiled professionals.

Profile title is an important aspect because it is visible on the top of the user profile. It is appear to the employers when they search for the profiles on the basis of specific keywords.

Social networking sites:
Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter are the social networking applications used for making personal and professional connections. The professionals of similar interests and skills may offer jobs to the candidate to propose business partnership.

Information needed submit the social networking websites:
Present employment with all details
Latest photograph
Professional summary with a headline
Contact settings
Links to blog/web sites/personal blogs
Public profile URL
Signature for sending messages

Precautions while using a social media sites:
Post the genuine information
Dont accept all the add requests
Accept only professional and experts add request and networking with them
Be cautious while choosing a screen name
Maintain consistency in profile
Make ensure that you are selected a professional template
Create a unique link to your online CV
Register mobile number for quick updates
Online Bio data /CV services

Popular social media job search applications:
Face Book applications in job search:
In circle connections
Brave New Talent
Jobster career Network

Twitter applications in job search:
Twitter search
Twitter job search
Tweet My Jobs

Be careful while applying the above social networking job search tools. Follow the below tips to protect your image online:
Be careful while posting information on your social networking account. Remember that the posted information should reflect your character.
You can also change your settings to visible the content to the selected people.
Post only genuine information which is acceptable to the third party. Never post negative comments on your earlier employer.

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