How social media impacts work place?

How social media impacts work place

Social media has been changing the lines between the information available inside the organization and information we need from external sources of organization. Use of social media has shifted the behavior of people and it has allowed and encouraging the people to share their deepest secrets on social media. We are all getting comfortable handling much more information about each other than, we have ever before. We are getting more information about our colleagues and organization than we know through social media. Social media has been offering most visible information at workplace.

More information:Now it is easy to get information related to organization culture and different roles in the organization. If you are looking for a job in an organization then you can search for the information on social media and find and get information about the organization, the leadership, the culture and even the interview questions. Most of these posts are made by the current employees of the organization and employers also search for more information available on the candidate profile.

Show your expertise: Experts can share their expertise on social media and it is a great medium to share their expertise on one issue and experts who share their views on social media will have powerful voice and impact. If it is an expert view then people find it hard to go against people views.

Very less response time: If a person is more technically dependent then there will be less patience to deal with issues. Email is not fast enough to send breaking news or something. Earlier leaders were able to respond with more and complete information. But now speed and spontaneously responding is important.

Mixing of information: Nowadays, information is accessible by all the people like colleagues, subordinates and even competitors. Knowing more information about a person will give chances to know more behind their role.

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