How companies tapping potential candidates? Red this


Changing trends have been driving recruitment world in a unique way and many new trends have been taking place in the recruitment. The top recruitment trends observed in the year 2013 are social professional networks, employer branding and data driven decisions. Many Indian companies believe that hiring top quality talent is ultimate priority. Earlier only few resources are available to hire people like advertisements, person to person references. Now social networking groups have been fulfilling these gaps in finding the right talent.

Attract the right talent: Many potential candidates look for jobs but to the hiring organization should tap this talent through social media networks. Jobseekers thought that social networking media is the right source to find information about employment trends of the market. A recent survey ion hiring trends reveal that there is a considerable increase in using social network groups to recruit potential candidates with high quality talent.

Employer branding: earlier organizations use to hire on their branding but now employer branding is moving down and some other new methods have been taken place. The survey also reveals that nearly 84 percent of companies believe that employer brand will have great impact in hiring. Even social networks also playing key role in promoting employer brands.

Internal hiring and mobile recruiting: The other most popular recruitment methods are internal recruiting and mobile recruiting. 95 percent of companies are recruiting through internal hiring and it is emerged as one of the key source for recruiting. Many companies are using internal hiring as a method to stop talent from leaving, develop them and improve productivity. Compare to the above recruitment methods few people are using mobile hiring method to find, manage and nurture talent. Large number of jobseekers are using mobile platform to know about employment opportunities and find the details about jobs and to apply jobs.

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