Hot Tech jobs for 2015

Hot Tech jobs for 2015

IT experts predicted that 2015 will be the great year for full time and part time tech professional. The year 2015 will reshape the IT sector by creating more job opportunities and employers posted nearly 17800 jobs during the months of September, October and November and continue the same in the year 2015. These results have been declared on the basis of the Survey of compensation and salary report stated IT market is boom with different skilled candidates including certified and non- certified along with hybrid skills.

The best tech jobs in 2015: Some of the hot jobs screened in the survey are as below:

Architects: Enterprise architects and data architects are the hottest profiles for the year 2015. These architects include different functional skills like software programming, databases and infrastructure. According to the study TOGAF is the highest paid skill with more demand.

Big data experts: There will be more demand for the big data professionals like database developers, analysts and technical specialists. Potential candidates with certification cloudera will earn more pay and big data professionals are expected to get more pay in long term prospects.

Cyber security specialists: Due to the unexpected security attacks companies are looking for certified cyber security specialists like IT forensic investigator, an intrusion analyst or a certified ethical hacker. There is also estimation that 2015 will be a good year for the specialized experts in cyber security programs and risk handling.

Hybrid IT programmers: There will be more demand for the professionals like business analysts and software engineers who have multi skills like business strategy, user experience and customer intelligence.

Application developers: The year 2015 will be a great year for application developers with functional background of Agile, JavaFX and user interface design.

Some other jobs which may show downfall in the year 2015:
SAP speacialists
Web developers
Cloud professioanls

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