Highly paid jobs at Apple

Highly paid jobs at Apple

Apple is most dreamed company for many job seekers and techies. A recent survey has revealed some interesting jobs available at Apple as per the data available. Below jobs offer high pay to engineers:

1. Industrial designer: Apple is a company known for its designing and creativity. It built its products on core creativity and makes its products hum in a way companies like Google can’t quite match.

2. Senior hardware engineer: If you have gained enough experience then you will be promoted as a senior hardware engineer with good pay and other benefits.

3. Senior software engineer: It is fact that senior software engineers are paid less than senior hard ware engineers. The work profile will be including Apple’s most sensitive products, like maps or the iPhone operating system.

4. Product Manager: Product managers are responsible for checking the quality of the product a as per the pre determined standards of Apple. They are also deal with marketing, design, software, and hardware engineers ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ and everything in between.

5. Mechanical engineer: Apple’s products also encounter lot of technical issues as dealing with heat and moving parts. Mechanical engineers take care of apple products to meet the quality standards.

6. Product design engineer: Design players an important role in creation of apple phones. Designers of apple paid more than the software engineers.

7. Database administrator: Data base management also an important issue and apple maintains tons of data of usage data, serving apps through the App Store. Part of job profile includes making sure that databases run quickly without any hassle.

8. Software engineer: Creation of Apple operating system and applications built by software engineers.

9. Hardware engineers: Use to take care of hardware is up to the mark or not.

10. Senior systems engineer: This position paid very low as compare to senior roles. Senior system engineers pare paid low as compared to other employees.

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