Here’s how to write a Tech Resume

A resume is a story of one page which tells employers why they should hire you for the job position they are looking for. It is a combination of your achievements, skills, experiences and educational details. If it executed properly then it will play key role in securing new position.

write a Tech Resume

How to start a tech resume?

It is known fact that one resume does not fit for all. Resumes differ from each other in its structure and points of emphasis. A mid level Hadoop developer’s resume differs from a newbie network engineer’s resume. When you are applying for any role make sure that your resume is tailored to each job position. If a HR recruiter or HR observes that you are using a standards resume for all then they’ll likely reject it.

Those who are freshers want to start their career will probably look for more space throughout the document to internships, academic accomplishments, and grade-point averages. An employer will focus more on your recent accomplishments rather than an internship you had 10 years ago or your undergrad GPA.

Before you start your resume list your education high school, college, and beyond the tech-related certifications, your jobs and internships. Next, list your tech skills on a single resume which will help later when you decide which ones to highlight. After that, list if any website or social network that contains work samples, coding projects, or other work to add value to your job candidature. Adding all these information will form the spine of your resume.

Writing resume

Add some power verbs like leadership, teamwork, creativity/innovation, and much, much more to power up your experience and accomplishments.
● Avoid self-praise and exaggeration
● Use a conservative font
● Don’t get too creative
● Don’t use overused buzzwords
● Focus on results

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