Here’s How to Write a Resume

Resume is an important document in the job search as it can make or break your chances of job winning. A lot of people search for the ways to know the mantra of how to write a resume for job? Here’s some important resume writing tips for freshers and experienced professionals and you also follow a sample resume to start writing your resume:

Here’s How to Write a Resume

Here are some interesting facts about Resume writing:

  • Hiring managers receive on average 100 job applications per each job posting.
  • Hiring managers spend on average 6 seconds on each resume they received.
  • Grammar or spellings mistakes in your resume turn off recruiters.
  • While 17% recruiters read your cover letter.

Here are things recruiters look for in a candidate resume:

  • Most recent role
  • Company recognition
  • Overall experience
  • Keyword search
  • Career gaps
  • Personal online footprint
  • General logistics
  • Overall organization

Here are some important tips to follow while you are writing resume for a fresher:

  • Header: Your resume starts with a simple header as it starts with your contact information. The objective is to make available of contact information to recruiters. Include your full name, address, city, mobile and home numbers and a professional email address in your contact information. Avoid using stylish fonts or flashy colors rather than using professional fonts. Make ensure that all information in your resume is up to date and accurate.
  • Professional summary and career objectives: The next part of your resume is professional summary and career objective. Avoid general statements and keep your resume objective as crisp as possible. Use bullet points to mention your professional summary to get noticed by employers. This section contains maximum 4 to 6 lines highlighting your experience, accomplishments, awards, goals and qualities that help you to match their requirement. Be honest all the times.
  • Work Experience: Explain your work experience details after summary section. List out the employment details, dates of employment, job titles, locations, and descriptions of your skills, tasks and accomplishments. Use action verbs like accomplished, managed and trained wherever possible. If you are working with same organization for many years, then list out the job roles you have performed.
  • Education: Mention your latest education details first like your degrees, major, minor, names of schools and dates of attendance. When you are applying a job that needs graduates with no work experience then highlight it in your summary. You can also mention it after your work experience.
  • Addressing gaps if any: Explaining the gaps in your resume is important when you are applying for jobs. Mention what you were done in the gap like maternity leave, studying, travelling, or volunteering etc.
  • Cross check your resume: Once you done all cross check your resume for spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuations. Proofread your resume before you send it to the recruiters.

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