Here’s How to Reschedule a Job Interview

Having a job interview scheduled, all of a sudden you are sick, or you’re struck in a rainstorm, or simply you can’t make it. What should you do? Each one of us knew how important job interviews are, but the situations that take place can call for a rescheduling of the most important job interview.

 Reschedule a Job Interview

Interviews don’t encourage upon meeting with sick candidates, so beyond doubt think about rescheduling if you are not well. If you are not sure than get there for any reason, it’s better to try for rescheduling interview in advance. There are right ways to reschedule a interview, so that you still have a chance of getting hired, even if you cannot make up to your scheduled interview.

If you are seriously Ill

Screening up to a job interview when you are ill is going to fret the recruiter instead of impressing them. If you have any serious ill problem like flu or any spreading illness then it’s better to stay back at home, because recruiters really don’t want to hire someone who is willingly to put their employees at risk.

Convincing reasons for rescheduling an interview

There are other reasons apart from illness that demand for rescheduling an interview. Most organizations understand that situations come up, such as poor health family member, scheduling conflict, transportation troubles, and many other reasons. It’s appreciable to be honest of the reason you need to reschedule, so make it sure that it’s a valid reason. It’s better to be truthful than to be caught in a lie.

Rescheduling a Job Interview

It’s important to let the company know in a sensible manner that you won’t be able to attend the interview and try to make safe that a new interview date is scheduled when you speak to them, as long as this job is still a main concern. If you are cancelling the interview then inform the hiring manager as much notice as possible.

It’s best to inform the person who scheduled the interview by email and phone as well, to guarantee that your message is received as soon as possible. Let the recruiter know that you can’t make it and check if it would be possible to reschedule. Try to ask the recruiter which would be a suitable time for you to come in for your interview. Be as flexible as possible and try to put up their schedule to set another date for meeting when you are trying to reschedule our interview because of illness. And most importantly make sure that you get some time to recover.

Giving as much notice as possible

Irrespective of reason, give the company as much notice as feasible that you aren’t going to be there. Try to contact the interviewer as soon as you know that you won’t be able to attend the interview. Cancelling the last minute, unless it’s a real emergency, may be held against you. Recruiters are most likely to understand and appreciate your being honest and giving them enough notice to adjust their own schedules can help you in getting a second chance without fail.

Check to confirm the new date

Try to confirm the rescheduled time and date of interview in your thank you note. Let them know that you are thankful for your rescheduled interview.

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