Here’s How your Office job is Destroying your Health

Recent study found some surprising facts how your health will be affected by the modern office job. So, take it as an opportunity to change your work habits for a better health.

Office job is Destroying your Health

  • Uncomfortable shoes may eventually lead to spinal injuries, muscle spasms, and chronic headaches
  • Smartphone overuse may cause inflammation in your thumb
  • Keeping your mouse in the same spot makes you prone to repetitive strain injury
  • Open-office plans may be trendy, but they’re also drastically more likely to make you sick
  • Most workspaces and keyboards are welcome environments for germs
  • Extreme boredom can increase your risk of dying from heart disease or stroke
  • Not getting enough sunlight can make it harder to fall asleep and more difficult to concentrate when you’re awake
  • Endlessly staring at a computer screen can (temporarily) harm your vision
  • Working odd hours can cause weight gain and increase stress hormone levels
  • Working for a bad boss can contribute to anxiety, unhealthy habits, and even heart disease
  • Working for more than 55 hours a week may increase your stroke risk
  • Recirculated, toxic air can cause illness and hurt your productivity
  • Regularly slouching in your chair can lead to long-term illnesses
  • Motivational meetings can depress people
  • Long commutes can lead to poor sleep, higher cholesterol, and an increased risk of depression
  • Using a treadmill desk may increase your chances of physically hurting yourself
  • Regularly slouching in your chair can lead to back pain and headaches
  • Sitting all day could shave years off your life
  • Skipping breakfast puts your body in a constant stressful state
  • Regularly eating fast food for lunch will increase your risk of heart disease
  • Over-exposure to printers and photocopiers could lead to lung disease
  • Endlessly staring at a computer screen harms your vision

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