Here’s how joining a startup can help youngsters shape their career

The delay in the economy and bad press about shutdowns have taken away some of the gleam from the new companies. Though many companies are still alleged as the best places to work in, a lot of the job searchers now want the steadiness and job protection that an recognized company provides. Even so, working at a startup can be an inspirational experience, particularly at the start of your career. Here’s what you stand to gain:

 startup can help youngsters shape their career

Ample experience
Unlike large companies, companies don’t treat new staff as trainees. In established companies, a new joiner has to go through a long process of introduction and training. Companies don’t have so much time and the new employees often start work on projects from day one. The work profile in a startup is also not very defined. You are essential to do anything and everything. Some say that a year’s experience in a startup is equal to four years in a normal company.

Liveliness and originality
The ambiance in a startup is supercharged. Innovation is the motto and team members are persistently trying to create new products and processes. This originality is very communicable and one cannot escape its rub-off effect. The best thing about the startup culture is that it supports out-of-the-box thinking. At a startup, anything and everything that improves a product, engages the customer or abridge a process and eventually adds value to the organization will find acceptance.

No Age factors
Among the many rules that companies have rewritten is the one about seniority and age. In companies, age has nothing to do with your position in the team. Even a moderately young person can become a project leader, if he has the ability, displays promise and offers ideas. Fresh graduates and younger candidates will find this encouraging.

Learning the ropes
Most companies are flat organizations, and even younger members of the team are in regular touch with the seniors and the bosses. This revelation is invaluable. You get to understand how these people work—how they think, the technological tools they use and how they come up with innovative ideas. It teaches you the fine distinction of running a company. This is critical if you nurse entrepreneurial objectives. It’s not astonishing that many companies are actually nurseries for more such enterprises.

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