Here’s How Internship Helps to get First job: Survey

Many job seekers struggle to find right job in the competitive market. Employers are looking for the candidates with internship experience rather than students with no experience. Completing an internship help you get an edge in the competition and standout from the crowd.

Internship helps to get first job

According to the latest survey conducted by mentioned that, students and early professionals in India cited internships a useful and an important step to increase the chances of getting a first job soon. The survey also mentioned that completing at least one internship can help you gain professional experience while still in school and give you something impressive to put on that resume. Internship gives you on the job professional experience which grabs attention of recruiters in screening process.

Over 78 percent of the surveyed people mentioned that, Internship is the right platform to get first job in India. Over 65 percent of respondents felt that top attribute of a dream job are happiness at work, money and career progression. More than 55 percent students and early professionals cited internships as a useful and an important step to increase the chances of getting a first job soon. More than 38 per cent of students and early professionals with less than a year of experience said they believe it will/did take those one to three months to land their first job. Over 38 percent respondents feel that things to be done after finishing their education would be university work while 30 per cent felt “building contacts through social media” is also important.

For students and early professionals in India cited happiness at work (41 per cent), money (40 per cent) and career progression (35 per cent) as main attributes for career. Among those surveyed in India, 27 per cent opined that their dream industry to work is IT & telecom, while 13 per cent preferred Professional Services. Around 15 percent of the respondents were interested in Finance.

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