Here’s how SEO specialists and digital marketing specialists are in demand


E-commerce and internet companies are looking for the digital media specialists to get competitive edge over competitors. The growing boom e-commerce and startup boom creating demand for specialist roles in digital marketing. Many startup online companies are looking for SEO specialists and community building experts for digital content/marketing roles. SEO professionals play key role in traffic generation as it does not require any advertising money and these professionals also help you to improve your site presence in search. Search traffic is the most qualified and interested traffic that you can drive to your website. It is more important to have strong presence on search which can be a great business differentiator for some businesses. Online and startup businesses need to generate their customers which is an intelligent act. For startups increase in traffic is almost like a currency that startups can encash when they look for funding. There was a huge demand for mid level web content and marketing specialists. Companies are looking for the SEO specialists, web content professionals and community building specialists with around 4-5 years of experience are the most in-demand professionals in the e-commerce industry as of now.
Larger e-commerce companies are also looking for the professionals with 2-4 years SEO/SEM experience for the roles of team leader/manager/head performance or acquisition marketing. The rise in demand for these positions offering better packages compares to past couple of years. The most in demand skills look for in prospective candidates are mentioned below:
1. Soft skills required
* should have good communication skills
* Able to deal with ambiguity
* Able to influence without authority
* Negotiation skills
2. Hard skills required
* Content strategy
* Link building
* Keyword strategy
* Ability to manage campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing
* Understanding performance marketing, conversion and online customer acquisition
* Understanding of new content platforms
* Robust experience in website analytics tools

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