Here’s how Indian workforce ready to join ex-employer: Survey

Here's how Indian workforce ready to join ex-employer

A recent survey found that Indian workers are keen to rejoin ex-employers. The survey findings found that over 60 percent of candidates are willing to join previous organizations. The top four reasons to rejoin ex-employer includes increased salary (65 per cent), a familiar work environment (55 per cent), a promotion at work (51 per cent) and the employer brand (42 per cent). The interesting fact is that over 70 percent of respondents mentioned that they will suggest friends and family to apply for a job with any of their previous organizations for the reasons like brand reputation, opportunity to work with some of the best names from the industry, competitive salary and benefits, career growth opportunities, good work culture and financial stability of the company. On the flip side 30 percent of people mentioned that they will never recommend their previous organizations for the reasons like lack of work-life balance, possible incompatibility with reporting managers, office politics and lack of strong employee value propositions (EVP).

Over 75 percent of respondents mentioned that frequent job changes helped them grow in their career. Nearly 28 percent of candidates said NO to lack of time and experience required for career progression opportunities, lack of in-depth knowledge gained in a particular role and lack of credibility in the employee by the new employer. The survey mentioned the reasons for frequent job changes by the Indian workforce. Over 75 percent of respondents mentioned lack of career growth opportunities as the top rated reason to change jobs followed by lack of adequate compensation (49%) dissatisfaction with the work culture (42%) and lack of work-life balance and employee benefits.

However, employers are welcoming the ex-employees as they are asset to the organization, they tend to have higher loyalty, they get up to speed quicker as it is easier for the employer to integrate them back to the organization’s work style, culture, systems and processes.

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