Here’s How Employee Relocation Good for Employee and Employer: Survey

Here's how employee relocation good for employee and employer

Nearly 62 percent of the employees responded that better brand is the reason to get relocated. Relocation is an effective tool to reduce skill shortage and it is one of the critical decisions as it involves adjusting to the different work culture, new environment and sometimes moving out of their homes. According to the survey what would be the key facts in relocation below facts are mentioned for relocating willingly and happily:

Over 60 percent of the respondents mentioned that they are ready to relocate if they offered from a big brand.
Nearly 21 percent of the surveyed candidates are ready to relocate for a better work profile. Meanwhile 17 per cent candidates will move if the salary is good.

The survey has been conducted with the employees from different industries and experience levels. It was found that employees are more likely to relocate if the job offer is from a big brand suitable to their profile. It was also denoted that if they receive job offer from a dream company also one of the main reasons for relocation.

Moreover 70 percent of the organizations find relocation extremely beneficial, especially for talent acquisition and retention. The number may go up along with the more number of employees in each organization. Nearly 56 percent of employers feel that employee relocation help them to sort out the skill shortages at that particular location and 16 percent of employers strongly support that it helps place a person with known abilities and expertise into a specific role.

Today’s organizations consider relocation as a tool to provide spectrum of career growth opportunities to their employees. Experts also believe that a strategically planned relocation is helpful for both employees and employers. For employers it helps to reduce skill shortages and for employees it offers career advancement programmes.

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