Here’s How to Create a Recruiter Friendly Resume

Your resume is the only thing that introduces to the recruiters. Create a recruiter friendly resume to get noticed by the recruiters. Listing your experiences doesn’t help you to get shortlisted for the jobs. Your resume is a complete package that explains recruiters why you are a complete package for the applied post. Your resume is an essential part of job search that requires attention every time when you are searching for a job. Here are some important tips to follow to make your resume recruiter friendly:

How to Create a Recruiter Friendly Resume

• Create a personalized resume: What makes a resume recruiter friendly is that when a recruiter feel that it is suitable for the job requirement they have. It is not necessary to have a separate resume for each job application, but the thing is to customize your skills according to the job. Include your achievements, experience and ambitions in professional summary in an impressive way. Summary is the right place to express your career goals and aspirations.

• SEO friendly resume: Add a marketing approach whenever you are writing your resume. Make ensure that whatever the points added in your resume will adds value to your profile in recruiters search. Use this section to express your career goals and achievements to win recruiters.

• Highlight your skills: Highlight your skills by adding some words like “Accounts Manager with Tally proficient” would give weightage in selection process. This is the best way to catch the eye of an employer.

• Keep simple: Do not include too many details in your resume. Keep it simple and easy to catch. As it is believed that less takes more effort. List out the accomplishments, key facts where you had worked and duration of employment in an easy and readable format.

• Avoid Buzz words: Instead of using common buzzwords that do not hold any importance, follow some practices that make your resume further resume friendly.

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