Here’s how cloud telephony is transforming the recruitment process

Hiring is the major act in any organization. Successful ideas are successful when they are executed properly. Smaller companies are facing challenging to hire the right candidate lack of resources. But big organizations offer much to get the good talent on board. But bad hiring may create great impact in future. Companies make bad hiring decisions because there are too many vacancies and pressure to fill them in targeted deadlines. Recent study reveals that the price of a bad hire is estimated to be 30% of an organization’s first year earnings.

cloud telephony is transforming the recruitment process

Hiring is time taking process. It may take few days to four months time but hiring costs are limited to advertising costs. While, the time spent in screening, communicating, and interviewing the candidates can drain out weeks of work for managers.

Here’s how cloud telephony helps HR?

Recent report says that hiring volume may go up in 2018. So there are much better options for hiring options. Cloud telephony is changing the way of recruiting. Automated systems let you monitor the hiring process in real-time, and reduce the chances of manual errors to zero. The other tasks like paperwork, manual data entry, etc. are killing the productive time of a recruiter.

Cloud telephony is transforming the recruitment process

Automating pre-screening: This option enables applicants to call a toll-free number to record their personal details such as education, employment history, preferences, etc. It is used for preliminary filtering the candidates.
First level of screening via IVR: The qualified candidates are asked to answer a set of pre-recorded questions on an IVR call. All these answers are recorded and scrutinized for second round of filtering.
Keeping track of the process every step of the way: This step is to makes sure that all candidates calls are recorded to make sure that no candidate is left over.

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