Here are the ways to recruit right talent in 2016

Here are the ways to recruit right talent in 2016

Organizations are moving away from traditional recruitment trends in 2016. Companies are using competence base assessments to quantify the recruitment process by hiring the top talent from available talent pool. Here are the top recruitment trends for 2016.

Quality hire is an important aspect and an anticipated trend in 2016. Recruiting is the right talent crucial in talent management and business development.

Fitment is not about matching job profiles with qualifications and experience and being satisfied with it. It is about the culture fitment and careful consideration of matching aspects with an organization.

Psychometric and competency based assessments help to achieve both quality hire and fitment. Now aptitude tests and logical reasoning questions are gone now, hiring managers are looking for the combo of competencies coupled with fitment for the organization.

Quantification of recruitment trends is another recruitment trends looking forward in 2016. Quality of hire will be measured by the employee engagement with the organization. Make n estimation by framing the list of hire date, source, tenure, promotion/awards and accolades to know how good your hire is/was.

Employer brand is the primary tool in attracting top talent and your employee is the brand ambassador of your organization brand. Your employee should be partner with every function like marketing, business, strategy and social media to promote your brand.

Social media is the latest trend in recruiting, for the coming years also. This is the platform to get right people and right hiring. Social media provides visibility as no other media does. Social media gives insights and provides reference check over social media.

From competency-based assessments to quantification of the success of the recruitment process, companies aiming to hire the best from the available talent pool will move away from traditional recruitment tools.

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