Here are the toughest interview questions on Wall Street

toughest interview questionsFollow below basic interview questions to win in the job interview of Wall Street . Prepare well for the questions including investment plans and financial related topics.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?- Goldman Sachs for an analyst position
You have 100 quarters, 10 heads, 90 tails up in a dark room where you can’t see the quarters. How do you divide them into 2 piles where you have an even amount of heads in each pile?- JP Morgan Chase for a US Equities Portfolio Management Summer Analyst position.
There is a big line of people waiting outside a theater for buying tickets. The theater owner comes out and announces that the first person to have a birthday same as someone standing before him in the line gets a free ticket. Where will you stand to maximize your chance?- Morgan Stanley for a Quantitative Analyst position.
Why did we choose you to come to our final round interview?- Bank of America for a sales and trading analyst position
Why haven’t you asked me about compensation yet?- Credit Suisse for a sales and trading intern position
What exact number will the S&P beat in a year and why?- Credit Suisse for a sales and trading intern position
If you were to get this job and then look back in five or ten years, why wouldn’t you think it was a waste of your time?- Citigroup for an analyst position
A trader is calling asking for your approval. Its 7:30 a.m., no one else is in the department yet, and it’s urgent. What do you do?- Barclays for an analyst position
What’s your opinion about Adolf Hitler?- Goldman Sachs for an operations analyst position
I don’t get it. Why are you here at this interview?- UBS for a financial advisor position
What do you know about the Patriot Act?- HSBC for an AML analyst position
How would you value a hot dog stand in Midtown Manhattan?- Bank of America for a Summer investment banking analyst position
What is the single most attribute that makes you successful? Citigroup for a vice president position
How many golf balls could fit on a 737 jet?- Jefferies & Co. for an analyst position.
How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year?- Goldman Sachs for a programmer analyst position

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