Here are the top tech skills you need to know

Here are the top tech skills you need to know

Technology is changing so quickly that skills need to be upgraded every year. Staying up to date with the emerging technologies and trends ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ as well as the skills needed to master them ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ will help you offset the lightning-fast pace of skills disruption and keep you ahead of the curve. Here are the six top skills which you need to know in 2015.

Coding: Coding is the most demanding skill of today’s technology. Coding and computer science are still marginalized in the K-12 education system. It’s clear that the ability to code has become as important as other basic forms of literacy like reading and math.

Big data: Big data will continue to grow in 2015 across industries. It is important to collect and analyze that data ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ particularly when it’s related to customer preferences and business processes.

Cloud computing: Cloud computing is another buzz word in today’s technology to utilize the cloud’s flexible power can improve everything from your data security to your collaboration ability. Experts predict that we’ll see the world of hybrid deployments in which some information and applications reside in the cloud and the remainder resides on-premise.

Mobile: The growing mobile penetration has created opportunities for mobile app development and its related technologies. Forbes also stated that 2015 is also the year that we’ll hit critical mass with the fusion of mobile and cloud computing.

Data visualization: It involves using a visual representation of the data to discover new information and breakthroughs. There are many tools are available to visually enhance your data.

UX design skills: User experience (UX) designers consider the end user’s ease of use, efficiency, and general experience of interfacing with a system. The growing importance of use experience has been creating more demand for the UX designers.

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