Here are the stress free great paying jobs in India

Here are the stress free great paying jobs in India

Astronomers (Rs. 9.6-18 lakhs p.a): Astronomers observe, research, and interpret astronomical aspects. They help to increase knowledge and solve practical problems. A post graduate degree is sufficient for entry level positions but most astronomers have PhD which is an added advantage.

University Professor (Rs. 4-15 lakhs p.a): A university professor’s job profile includes delivering lectures, designing course work, grading papers and research. They will be offered with the benefits such as long vacations, seasonal breaks and public holidays. They have flexible working conditions and never demand travel expect for some compulsory conferences.

Dietitian (Rs. 4.6-15.3 lakhs p.a): Dieticians provide support for the people to deal with today’s lifestyle issues such as obesity and others. Corporate shifts and metro lifestyles demand for the services of dietitians are increasing day to day. Dieticians are facilitated to work in hospitals, clinics, schools, or can even be self-employed with hefty salary.

Librarian (Rs. 2.5-9.5 lakhs p.a): Librarians are considered as one of the least stressful jobs and working at most peaceful place in the world.

Applications Software Developers (Rs. 4.2-18 lakhs p.a): The growing demand for application developers creating huge job opportunities with great earnings in near future. Some developers’ jobs are stressful but some companies offer least stressful conditions to the developers.

Geoscientists (Rs. 8.5-27 lakhs p.a): A master’s degree is enough for an entry level position of Geoscientists. They study the nature of the Earth’s surface, conduct extensive research on physical aspects of a particular region and the impact of human activities in a particular region.

Business Analytics Expert (Rs. 4.5-12 lakhs p.a): Business analyst are in great demand as the organizations are looking for the candidates with well-versed in mathematical concepts, updated with new technological platforms and with a gifted business sense.

Biomedical Engineers (Rs. 2.2-11 lakhs p.a): Bio-medical engineers analyze and solve biological and medicinal problems and they work in non-stressful conditions.

Political Scientists (Rs. 5-20 lakhs p.a): Political scientists study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. A PhD in political science or public administration is required for this position.

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