Here are the most important moments in Google’s history


September 15, 1997: domain registered.
August 30, 1998: First Google Doodle inspired by Burning Man Festival in the US.
September 4, 1998: Google files for incorporation in California.
May 9, 2000: First 10 language versions of released. Today search is available in 150-plus languages.
June 2000: Google becomes world’s largest search engine.
December 2000: Google Toolbar is released.
July 2001: Google Images launches, initially offering access to 250 million images.
December 2001: First annual Google Zeitgeist, a visual look at what millions of people searched for over the year.
Septemeber 2002: Google News launches 4,000 news sources. Today Google News includes 50,000-plus news sources.
December 2003: Launch of Google Print (now known as Google Books).
January 2004: Google launches Orkut, the most popular social network in most countries in its hey days.
April 01, 2004: Google launched Gmail on April Fool’s Day. At first invite-only, today Gmail boasts of more than 425 million users.
October 2004: Google opens offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India.
February 2005: Google Maps goes live.
April 2005: First video uploaded on YouTube. Now, 100-plus hours of video are uploaded every minute and people watch 6 billion hours of video per month.
June 2005: Google Mobile Web search, Google Earth launched.
November 2005: Launch of Google Analytics.
April 2006: Google Translate launches. Today, Google machine translation provides translation between 80-different languages.
May 2006: Google Trends, a way to visualize the popularity of searches over time, released.
February 2007: Traffic information added to Google Maps for 30-plus US cities. Today, live traffic data is available in 50-plus cities (600 + major cities).
November 2007: Android is announced.
September 2008: The G1, the first Android-based smartphone, is released.
February 2009: Voice Search on Android (works in 38-plus langauges now).
October 2009: Google Maps Navigation introduced.
January 2010: Google introduces the Nexus One to show what’s possible on Android devices.
September 2010: Google Instant showing search results while typing launched
May 2011: Google’s website registers more than a billion unique visitors.
June 2011: Speech recognition added to Chrome desktop searches.
October 2011: Google Earth downloaded 1 billion times.
Febrauary 2012: Chrome launches on Android.
April 2012: Google Drive cloud service released.
June 2012: Google Now announced.
June 2013: Project Loon (ballon-powered internet access) unveiled, an option for connecting rural, remote and underserved areas.
July 2013: Google Maps app for smartphones/tablets.
September 2013: Android passes 1 billion device activations.
July 2014: Google Maps in Hindi, with voice navigation too.
September 2014: Introduction of Android One in India.
October 2014: Google Voice search now accepts Indian accents.
June 2015: Google Photos launched.
August 10: The Silicon Valley giant announces reorganizing under a new name ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ Alphabet ├óÔé¼ÔÇØ and spins off Google as a separate unit, with India-born Sundar Pichai as CEO.
September 01, 2015: New Google logo unveiled

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