Growing job related discrepancies in India: Study

Growing job related discrepancies in India

According to the latest study, it was found that employee related discrepancies continue to be high in quarter 3 of 2015. There has been notable rise in employee discrepancies across the verticals and designations in India. The report mentioned that BFSI reported 43 per cent discrepancies and IT was at 21 per cent. The report is prepared on the basis of data collected from employment background verifications and reference checks. The study mentioned that in quarter 3 of 2015, nearly 78 per cent of the overall discrepancy cases were males and the remaining 22 per cent were females. The other findings were that the more discrepancies were found among the 22 to 30 years age bracket of candidates. Discrepancies found are related to employment, address and education were at 56.3 per cent, 14.3 per cent and 4.8 per cent respectively. The major detects were found in verification process of employment record, address and educational qualifications.

State wise observation found that, Karnataka tops the list with 22 per cent discrepancies, followed by Maharashtra at 20 per cent. Andhra Pradesh was at 11 per cent followed by Tamil Nadu at 8 per cent, Uttar Pradesh was at 7 per cent and New Delhi was at 6 per cent. This report provides insights on how employers may streamline the existing hiring processes with hiring and screening practices and benchmark their current practices. Over 39 percent mentioned that fake documents create employee discrepancies stood at 39 percent in quarter three of 2015 in comparison to 47 per cent in quarter two of 2015. It was also observed that out 100 eductaion discrepancies, 71 were at the graduate level. Employee discrepancy case flow was increased in quarter three across the sectors such as FMCG, retail, travel and hospitality, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, ITES/BPO and BFSI. City wise observations found that Bengaluru top the list with (18%) during background screening, followed by Mumbai (13%). Sikkim’s Namchi (12%) topped the education discrepancy table, followed by Mumbai (9%) and New Delhi (7%).

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