Growing importance of talent assessment tools in recruitment

Growing importance of talent assessment tools in recruitment

A recent study says that, most of the organizations, around 68% are presently using talent assessment tools for recruitment and the assessment centers have been an effective means for recruiting work force. Assessment centers are those where potential employees will be assessed for determining their capability or suitability for a specific job.

Need of assessment tools: Many organizations also feel that subjectivity of the characteristics which needs to be measured, posses a big barrier to use of assessment tools. Assessing a candidate’s personality and other characteristics will depend on the assessor’s individual judgment. So, this can be avoided to maximum extent by using tools for assessment. Assessment centers hire skilled observers and use different techniques for interviews, examinations and psychometric testing. Employee behavior will be assessed in the work place by setting up assessment simulations.

Benefits of assessment tool: Employee assessment is very useful and is very much needed because it will be used to map and create a pool of people with skills that are required for sustainability of business. This assessment will help in improving the quality and efficiency of HR processes like recruiting, qualifying, interviewing, selecting and also allowing better hiring and development decisions. This will also ensure whether an employee is fit for the organization’s culture and environment. These tools will help in hiring competent people and this will help an organization to achieve organizational performance goals. This is the reason that assessment centers have become an integral part of the business process.

Success rate of tool: These assessment tools have been a huge success as they provide complete insight in to candidate’s suitability and most of the employees also feel that the information provided by these centers has been genuine, fair and transparent. More than 50% of the organizations are using these assessment tools for hiring fresher/graduates. As the competition is increasing, future of these assessment centers also looks promising with high scale technology implementation and less human interference. And it is also expected that more than 80% of the organizations will be using these assessment tools because this is important for candidates to accustom themselves with the implementation and role of assessment centers.

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