Google adds ‘Mobile Friendliness’ to its search criteria: Affect on website ranking

Google adds 'Mobile Friendliness' to its search criteria: Affect on website ranking

Google is adding a new factor mobile friendliness” to the 200 or factors it uses to list websites on its search engine. With this effect many business search rankings have been downgraded. Websites which don’t meet Google’s criteria will fall down in its rankings. Google has introduced many changes to its ranking criteria. Companies will be docked for shortcomings like displaying links that are hard to click or forcing users to scroll horizontally on a lopsided site. The company also mentioned that in such cases it would also use information contained within apps as a ranking factor for mobile searches performed on phones that run its Android software.

Many search engine firms stated that, more than half of the mobile search results are handled by Google and it might be at risk for any one. So, shifting their business to mobile will be a biggest challenge for any business including Google. Since couple of years mobiles have been dominating and replacing the web and desktop applications. Mobile has become dominant platform for the people to use internet. Recently, India based online retailer Flipkart has been announced that it would be closing its website and operate through mobile app. Because of the increased traffic from mobile apps and Google new search ranking policies has made them to take this decision.

According to the US research company report, nearly 134 million mobile users last year, about 100 million more than in 2010. Websites need to adopt what Google considers to generate more traffic to their websites. Google is the world’s most widely used search engine and a significant generator of traffic to websites, from major news organizations to mom-and-pop shops. An industry analyst claimed that People will kick and scream. But ultimately this serves as a wake-up call that things change, and Google is going to change with it.” But there is no such information that how much mobile factor would change the ranking of a website.

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