Global CIOs meeting in Bangalore next month to deal with tech startups

Tech Startups

Nearly fifty chief information officers from the world’s biggest companies would be landing in Banglore in next month for a meeting of Indian Startups. This meeting was organised by industry think-tank iSpirt and called InTech50 with the founders of 50 Indian stratups like data analytics firm Bizosys and Flutura ,Uniken Rub shoulders ,Procter and Gamble ,Colagte Pamolive and Aditya Birla Group. The main objective o fthis meet is to discover the innovative stratups in next three years and these are expected to be bought by Facebook,Google,Intel and Microsoft. “It is essential for Indian startups to develop business engagements with the big acquirers, as a stepping stone to future merger and acquisitions,” said by an expert.

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