Get engage with your work to get job satisfaction


Being an employee of the organization you should feel your work and view their job will create an impression on their jobs. A recent study on this issue reveals that getting engaged with the job will creates a positive impression and job satisfaction to the job seekers. Recent surveys on employee engagement reveal that 30% of employees engage with their jobs and 52% of employees disengage with their jobs and remaining 18% of employees actively disengaged. The survey was taken on American workforce and it will imply to all economies also.

Another survey on Indian workforce reveals that 32% of Indian employees are actively engaged and 60% of employees are not engaged and not enthusiastic and committed to their work. Industry experts reveal that this occurs due to lack of skills and thinking differentiations between the employees and candidates. So there is wider gap between the way of thinking of employers and candidates. This gap is creating the cause of missed opportunities among the candidates and recruiters.

There will little impact on how people see their jobs, view their works and jobs they select will play an important role in the development and management of workforce. Mentoring the new employees will be a big challenge for organizations. The major role will be played by managers and supervisors in employee engagement. It is also known fact that many employees have seen a significant shift in their attachment and working period with the working organization. It is important to look back and understand the better employee retention strategies that help in employee work stability.


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