Future of Information Technology – Jobs and Employment in IT

In the past few years the global downturn and collapse of financial structures of major economies like USA and the natural calamities that have recently taken place in Japan; remarkably slowed down the IT field. Most of the Indian IT projects were dependent on outsourcing and this was the major reason for the slowdown. Earlier the boom in IT (1998-2000) and depression in (2003-2004) was a natural phenomenon, due to the business cycles.But, on the contrast to this the financial crisis (Global down turn) was a structural deformation. This takes a long while to be rectified.

Right now USA is showing signs of revival and slowly job markets are breathing. Most of the Indian IT companies had broad based marketing strategies. They had lot of their investments in European and Middle East countries. That is the reason why Indian IT stays relatively robust as compared to other nations.

In this quarter ending March 31st, 2011; the top five IT companies end up in profit. All the companies are recruiting people. TCS is undertaking mass recruitment of people and 70 percent of the jobs are allotted for fresher’s. Wipro, HCL technologies, Tech Mahindra and most of the IT majors started recruiting people.

Most of the recruitments are made from the colleges and the campus selections go up by 20% as compared to last couple of years.

IT made its place into every sector like Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retailers and supermarkets, automotive industry, Telcom and mobile, Education field, R&D etc.

So, IT would be a promising field with lots and lots of jobs for the future.

The recruitment Strategies in the Major Cities go this way:

Pune – relatively high

Bangalore – moderately high

Chennai – moderately high

Hyderabad – just taking off slowly

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