Executives leaving their corporate lives to enter NGOs

Executives leaving their corporate lives to enter NGOs

At present, the trend of Corporate Executives turning as entrepreneur has became more aspirational and less hazardous. Not only the young, but also the retired and tired by their corporate lives are also rushing to start up as NGOs. This kind of people are growing in numbers and proving them as remarkable on the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Career for a Cause ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ Most of the corporate professionals are moving to voluntary work as they are interested in contributing to solving environmental issues. The corporate executives not only look at the areas like salary but also would like to concentrate on the areas like talent development, implementing of their own ideas. In short the shift to an NGO can be the following:

Attractive compensation and perks
Opportunity to showcase the talent
Flexibility in choosing the assignment

According to Peter Drucker, the NGO sector will be the growth sector in the 21st century where systematic and principled management rules will contribute to fastest growth.

Does NGO pay more than Corporate?

It is clearly visible the changing trends in NGO Workforce with changes in the recruitment patterns with more engineering and MBA professionals willing to work. This change has occurred post 2011, as the NGOs has started raising funds locally. Added to this, they have built up partnerships with government and PSUs. This results in sustaining liquidity by the NGOs. Hence qualitative workforce can be retained by paying competitive remuneration to MBAs and Skilled graduates in par with the corporate.

At the same time, big businesses are promoting NGOs to work in the fields like Science and Technology, Social and Rural Development, energy etc. Hence NGOs will look for more qualified manpower, possessing local funding capacity. This calls for the professional executives to shift towards NGO, which works and pays in par with the corporate.
About 20 students from IIMs has opted an NGO to go for an internship. The growth of the NGO population is such vast that it is around 3.3 million.

More career opportunities will be in the fields like health, education, urban issues like housing, planning, climate change, civil rights etc. Better compensation opportunities are available with 50% to 100% hike in salary with a chance to climb up the career ladder with many of the NGOs like Dell Foundation, Azim Pemji Foundation.

More jobs are in the way in the areas like health and education. Some NGOs which take up urban issues like Bharti Foundation, which basically works on education accessibility has grown from 1200 teaching roles to 1400 roles within one year. This project also required many employees in the coming years.

Some of the corporate sectors are also looking for candidates with NGO background as the concept of maintaining public relations has become crucial in the recent times. We observe a paradigm shift in the corporate sector where more importance is given to sustainability and value based business. The paradigm shift can be concluded as ‘What works in the Corporate Sector, also work in an NGO but with small differences’

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