Ever Green Career Fields

Ever Green Career Fields

What ever may be the situations around the world, may it be a global downturn or natural calamity or what so ever it may be; people don’t stop educating themselves, availing health care services as per need, buying day to day commodities, communicating with each other and financial transactions.

Due to this; educational field, Healthcare and services, retailers and super stores, mobile and internet industry and BSFI sector (Banking, Finance and insurance); all these sectors remain robust for ever.

Right now there is 20percent growth in educational field. Even our government is providing lots of loan facilities for education. So, the growth in this field is consistent.

In Healthcare and services the demand for Medical assistants grew by 40percent, 30 percent for physical therapists, and 20percent for other emergency medical services.

Currently in India 3million people are using mobile and internet services and India stands third in usage of mobile services. Still there are untapped potential markets for the mobile industry. Even when the financial markets of USA collapsed; the BSFI sector in India showed 20percent growth. This shows the good financial strategies of Indian banking sector.

So, go ahead and choose any of these fields as a career. I think you may not find any drastic fluctuations in these fields. For further help you can approach wisdom jobs portal.

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