Employer Branding: Key for an Organization Success

Employer branding: Key for an organization success

A latest study was conducted to know about the employer branding strategies, which is crucial in an organization growth. Nearly 64 percent of the surveyed employers stated that nearly 64 percent of the employers to have a clear branding strategy and 20 percent plan to build in the six months. Infact, having strong employer branding strategy is not pertained to longer organizations but small organizations also practicing the branding strategies and acknowledging the benefits. The survey has been conducted with 1000 employers and nearly 60 percent of the surveyed organizations have clear branding strategy. The survey also stated that, nearly 75 per cent mid-sized and 63 per cent small-sized companies are practicing branding strategies.

According to the survey, nearly 74 percent of the surveyed employers felt that branding practices paying off well results. It was resulted in quality hires, better job acceptance and improved retention and engagement. Quality hires are considered as the biggest advantage of a successful employer branding strategy by nearly 37 per cent of the surveyed organizations while 24 per cent consider better job acceptance and 23 per cent consider improvement in retention rates as the biggest advantage of the practice. Nearly 16 percent of employers felt that, employer branding improve engagement rates and 42 per cent large, 58 per cent mid and small-sized organizations consider their employer branding strategy as effective in engaging and retaining employees. Nearly 55 percent of the small and midsized firms stated that their employer branding strategy was successful. The major challenge to implement a successful branding strategy is the lack of vision and clarity. Most of the surveyed employers felt that they will recommend the company to a friend and over 56 percent of the employers from Tier I and Tier II stated that their employer branding is successful and 32 percent of employees from large organizations are successful in implementing branding strategies.

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